Swimming Pool




Kis  vision

Inthe twenty-first century, our standings should be able tocope with thevariant needs of the world. Our goal is to prepare themphysically,intellectually, emotionally and morally through ethical codetocontribute to society, of which they are members in, and the worldthey willexperience upon graduation from our school

Kis mission statement

We,the staff of ElKodse International School, undertake thechallenge tohave productive well- balanced members, confident in theirculturalidentity and to prepare our student's for the changing world. we willassist.encourage, and nurture students to pursuer their chosen goals. Wewill motivatestudents to do their best and prepare them to live in thisglobal society

Subject Date
تنبيه هام Monday, May 23, 2022
بمناسبة ترخيص القسم الامريكى خصم كبير على تقديمات Thursday, May 20, 2021
Photo tour Tuesday, February 17, 2015